M disc long life storage

M-Disc DVD / Blu-ray has been developed for long time storage.

A standard storage media (CD / DVD / memory card / USB stick / HDD , etc.) has a limited life before you lose your data. Some data / movie photos are irreplaceable and deserve a safe storage medium.

Thanks to a patented rock-hard layer is an M - Disc DVD or Blu-ray optimally protects against light, temperature and humidity.

Tests performed (industry standard ISO / IEC 10995 , conducted by Millenniata) have established the expected average life or an M-DVD / Blu-ray disc on 1332 year. Only 5% of the discs are starting to show signs of losing data after 667 years. It shows a life expectancy of several hundred years. This means that you can trust your important photos, music libraries, medical documents and so on with confidence, which are designed to last a lifetime. M -Disc DVD should be described with an M -Disc Ready DVD burner and can be read by most modern DVD drives.

This makes it very suitable as a backup medium for data that must not be lost (wedding film / photos etc.).

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