General Terms and Conditions 1.08 download (dd 01-11-2021)


Prices / VAT

  1. All prices are inclusive VAT and ex warehouse. Normally the VAT is mentioned on the invoice. VAT 0 is possible for companies by filling in the VAT number in their account. This number will be checked real time en the account will be released for intracommunautair purchases. Note: VAT 0 is only possible with an account.

    Ordering and cancelling

  2. Orders can only be placed in our webshop, because of invoices and shipping bills are automaticly made. However, it is possible to pick up goods in our warehouse without ordering in advance.

    Within seven days it is possible to cancel an order. This is only possible by mail or email. You will always receive a confirmation. Items which are especially ordered for you, can not be canceled. If a product is not on stock, we will try to provide an equivalent product (in consultation with you).

    If the order is not canceled within seven days, the purchase is binding (in accordance with the law 'buying at a distance'). After these seven days, it is not possible to cancel anymore.


  3. A payment can be done in various ways depending on your wishes: cash for pickup, payment by bank transfer, iDEAL, MR Cash or Sofort. For some payment methods we ask a small additional fee to cover the costs the bank will charge us. There is always a payment method available which is free.

    If you choose for prepayment you will receive immediately after placing your order all the information you need to do your payment. This information is sent to you by email. If your payment has been processed, you will receive an email that your order is ready for delivery or takeout.

    Prices of products can change. If your payment arrives after seven working days after the orderdate, we have the right to adapt a product price if it is changed in that time. The prices of an order are valid for seven days.

    Shipping costs

  1. The shipping costs can be different for every country. You will find an overview of the costs here shipping. You can also give a carrier instructions to pick up our order. In that case it is not possible to insure the transport by us.

    If we arrange the shipping of your order and unfortunately your parcel will be refused or it is impossible to deliver your parcel for example due to an incorrect name, address (zip code, address or number) and the parcel is returned to us, we have to charge you the shipping costs of returning the parcel to our warehouse. These costs can be different than the standard shipping cost that we charge for an order.

    It's the responsablility of the customer to give the correct address where the parcel must be delivered. In case your parcel disappears during transport due to a wrong or incorrect given address (for example wrong zip code, house number, and / or street name) the consequences are for your account. The insurance will not pay a damage compensation in this case because the damage or loss is not caused by the post. This is also when the parcel is delivered on a wrong address which is actually existing.

    If a shipment is returned to us you are responsable for the extra shipping costs (not in case the goods are returned within seven days after purchase). If you don't pay the extra costs, we can charge you warehouse / storage costs for an amount of € 5, - every month. Unfortunately, we have to charge the costs of extra work to receive the extra costs also.

    Order not arrived

  2. If we ship a parcel on your behalf, you will receive a confirmation by email that your shipment is sent. In this email you will also find a track and trace link.

    If your order has not arrived within 3 working days after the confirmation email, please contact us so that we can try to trace your parcel. If a shipment is lost by the carrier, we have to give the carrier the possibility to search the parcel or find a solution. Unfortunately, the research of the carrier can take two or three weeks. However it is possible that the solution is found earlier.


  3. All products we sell, have a warranty period provided by the producer. Normally the warranty will be 24 months*, but there are some exceptions. In case of broken seals, changes on products, water damage, misuse, etc., the producer will determinate if the warranty is still valid.

    In case of a not working product, we will always try to find a good solution, for example exchange or repair. If you returned us a product and it turns out that this product is not defect, we will return the product to you and we will charge you the costs of our investigation (or the producers') and the shipping costs.

    * Warranty period for refilled ink cartridges: 3 months warranty (in most cases it will be used in this period). Rechargeable batteries: 3 months warranty.


  1. If a product is not working, we can test the product for you. After sending us an email, you will receive a RMA form. This form and the product you can send to us and we will check it for you. To avoid shipping costs and lost of time, we will always try to solve the problem first by phone / email.

    Exchange of goods

  2. In accordance with the law 'buying at a distance' exchanging or returning of products is possible under the following conditions. 1. Within 14 days after receipt of goods a return form has to be requested. 2. Within 28 days after receipt of goods, the product has to be returned in the original packaging and condition. The customer has to pay the shipping costs for sending the product to us. We make the repayment within 14 days.

    Products which are especially ordered for you and sealed products with a broken seal, can not be exchanged or returned.

    Opened packages of (foto)paper, rechargeable batteries and ink are not returnable. The only exception is when it is very clear that a manufacturing fault is proven. The reason that these products are not returnable is that ink dries out if it is not vacuum packed, rechargeable batteries have no serial / manufacturing number which makes it impossible to check the age and fingerprints on photo paper makes the product unusable.

    If you returns a part of your order and the total amount of your order will therefore change to less as € 25,- we will have to charge you the actual shipping and transportation costs for shipping your order at the first time.

    The law 'buying at a distance' is for individual consumers only. However, we will always try to find a solution when there are problems with an order of a company.

    Wrongly ordered products

  1. If you ordered a wrong product by mistake, we will take it back. This is free of charge if you respect the condtions of the law 'buying on a distance'. You can use the amount of the returned product on your next order. The law 'buying at a distance' is for individual consumers only. However, we will always try to find a solution when there are problems with an order of a company.

    If you can not respect the conditions of the law 'buying on a distance' we can charge you administration costs. It is not possible to return specially ordered products.

    When it turns out after returning a wrong ordered product that the total amount of your order will change the total amount of your order in a way extra shipping costs had to be paid, we will charge you this extra costs. It is possible that in the mean time the price of a product decreases. In that case, you will receive the actual price.


  1. We are not responsable for any damage whatsoever. For example a product that does not work properly, arrives to late, loss of data, or any other possible damage. Risk of damage or loss during transport is covered by an insurance.

    Protecting your data

  2. We will not give your information to other parties. The only exception is when the law forces us to do. Cookies are only used to track the contents of your cart.

    We use your email address to give you updates about your order. You will receive mailings if you signed up. In your account you can change the settings by yourself to sign up or cancel the newsletter by email. It is possible that we ask you by email to review us.

    To protect you and us your IP address and service provider will be automatically saved every time you visite our webshop.

    If you abuses our service for example by refusing an order, we will use your information for legal procedures.


  3. QP international (a trade mark of PMT europe s.a.r.l) has a complaint procedure which is well published. All complaints will be treated as wrote down in this procedure.

    Complaints about the implementation of the procedure should be made within seven days after the consumer made a complaint about a product. This complaint has to be very clear and specified. We will reply within 14 days (counting from receipt). If we need more time, we will inform you within these 14 days and if it is possible, we will give you an indication of the extra needed time.

    What to do in case of a problem:

    Step 1: Contact us, we will try to find a solution together.

    Step 2: In the case we don't find a solution together, a consumer can contact the 'Stichting WebwinkelKeur' (, which will mediate free of charge.

    Step 3a: No solution yet? A consumer has the possibility to ask the 'Stichting GeschilOnline' ( to handle his complaint. The decision is binding and both parties will have to agree with this binding decision. However, this option is not free of charge. The consumer has to pay the relevant committee.

    Step 3b: it is also possible to register complaints via the European ODR platform (

    In case you mention your complaint at one of these parties, it will not suspend us from doing our duty, when it does, we will mention this in a written message.


    QP international (a trade mark of PMT europe s.a.r.l) assumes that the sold goods will not be used for illegal practices.